Heart Shaped Plantable Confetti - Hot Pink

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Pink is the color of compassion and unconditional love. Hot Pink is a hotter version of that. Who doesn't want just a little more hotness in their life? With Heart Shaped Wildflower Seeded Paper Plantable Confetti in Hot Pink that hotness is a toss away. When it is tossed instead of just making a mess you are planting wild flowers. That sums up this confetti perfectly, Hot and Wild!

The Heart Shaped Plantable Confetti in Hot Pink at Daisy Giggles is perfect for wedding showers, weddings, bachelorette parties or valentine's day. This seeded paper is embedded with wildflower seeds and grows new life instead of just leaving waste life other confetti. It is perfect for decorations, as favors or as confetti. Plantable heart confetti comes in bags of approximately 275 pieces and measures 7/8" across. Each piece of plantable confetti is embedded with several seeds from our wildflower seed mix.