Brick Red Circle Shaped Plantable Wildflower Seeded Recycled Paper Confetti - Approx 330

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Brick Red circle shaped plantable confetti is perfect for your wedding, bridal shower, quinceanera, baby shower or baptism. With each handful of Circle Shaped Plantable Confetti in red, you are not just making a mess, you are planting a wildflower garden. An incredible thing about Circle confetti is that it actually grows flowers. Each confetti piece is embedded with several seeds from a wildflower seed mix. When thrown you are not just leaving waste, you are actually leaving life. Perfect weddings, birthdays, showers, graduations and much more.

Each bag of circle confetti contains approximately 330 pieces of plantable confetti that measure around 3/4" across. Each piece is embedded with an assortment of wildflower seeds that will grow into beautiful wildflowers when planted.